Saturday, July 15, 2017

Character Over Clothes, Heart Over Body

Well - here we are back to me showing you what I wear.

Let me clarify something: I know nothing about "real fashion". I am not a model. I dress weird.

But I am seeking to dress in a way that glorifies God, respects society and people, and enhances who I am inside.

I should also add - the way we dress does not define our character, but can show glimpses of it.

But just as I change through out life, my dress changes. My dress isn't what changes me but is a mimic of that change.

Basically - don't judge someone for how they dress just as you don't judge a book by its cover. Yet - we all know that the cover does give an idea of what will be inside that book. And what we put on our bodies lets many know what may possibly be pouring from our heart and mind.

Paradox? Absolutely!

Dress to be who God wants you to be, remembering all the while that who God wants you to be isn't merely what you wear.

Character over clothes, heart over body.

God before man's desires.

This is one of my favorites of our horses. She is missing an eye, yet is one of our best riders.

My sister has weird ideas for what makes a good picture ;p I go with MOST of them ;) 

This entire outfit is hand-me-downs. Except the shoes - yard-sale ;)




What statement do you seek to say when you dress? What do you hope people see of your heart when observing you at a first glance?


  1. I agree with your premise (and with your sister's pose suggestions, haha). Our expression of who we are is not the same as who we are. Clothing is a part of language and communication just like body language and verbiage choice.

    A person may be of a pure heart and mind and devoted to God and His ways, and yet use vulgar language or offend people through rude miscommunications. It is a miscommunication at fault, because he is exhibiting traits at variance with his true nature. And so he can't very well blame other people for thinking him a rude boor, since that is how he presents himself.

    Likewise, a person who dresses seductively may be doing so out of ignorance or just total cluelessness, and not actually be impure of heart. But it's incumbent upon us all to communicate ourselves clearly, to let our yes be yes and our no be no, to shine as clear and unambiguous lights of God's kingdom.

    And so I appreciate your post and your stand. :) Thank you.

    1. Very well put - ignorance most certainly backs up many of our actions. Thus we should be careful to continually search out truth, and as our continual prayer should be "God, search me and know my heart if there be any evil ways, cleanse me and lead me in your perfect ways" (Psalm 139:23-24)

    2. Ignorance is indeed a huge hindrance in these matters. Helped a great deal by lack of communication on them. There are a great many counter-productive taboos on communication on sexuality and thus on the specifics of modesty -- most of the rules are needlessly arbitrary and guesswork as a result. There are a lot of other devastatingly dangerous consequences of this lack of communication as well. :P