Saturday, January 20, 2018



What a tiny word. Yet it holds so much. It means so much. It is so much.

Some mistake this tiny word as evil. Some live by it. But most do not understand it.

If brings up the idea of possibility. It can cause change. It is the reason the saying "Curiosity Killed the cat" exists.

But did curiosity kill the cat? Or was it the lack of wisdom in choosing what to question and pursue that killed the cat?

Why hate something you can't understand when you can easily question and search it out?

That is what the word if allows us to do.

Instead of fearing something or allowing something to stay the same, we can ask "What if I did this?" And the more you think on it the more you can decide whether or not it can be fixed or changed or replaced.

If is the inspiration of more.


These all start out with "If I did this what would happen?"

If can change the world.

But it can also break it. That is why it so powerful.

Yes, if can lead you to making something better - but it can also bring us away from what is best, towards things that were not meant to be questioned.

That is when curiosity truly kills the cat. When ever if or curiosity rule us it will become our master or idol, and kill us.

But when we use it the way it was meant to be, with wisdom, open-mindedness, we can change the world and all that is in it.

Don't be afraid to be curious. 

Ask the if question. Pursue what may happen, to make in a creative way instead of staying still, stuck in what won't happen.

But also remember to use wisdom - for nothing is worth doing without reason, and curiosity out of itself is no more than curiosity.

If exists to make the world a better place for all - not just "me". 

Use it to do just that!

What sort of things have you been doing lately that involve the question "If?" How has your imagination been working to make something better, or make someone's day?


  1. Curiosity has taken me on a lot of adventures - some good and some bad. Definitely need to use wisdom when discerning that sort of thing.

    Wonderful post, Keturah!!