Saturday, February 10, 2018

Clean Fashion

Online I am known as a blogger/ writer. 
In real life I am known for MANY things. 
One of those things include what I do for work: cleaning house.

I never thought I'd clean house for a living when I was younger. Cleaning houses... just doesn't seem like a career.

The thing? I love it. And it makes more money than many careers. Plus I am in control of my schedule.

I love it. So much that I started an Instagram page. Part satire, part work-aholic A Cleaning Gal is one of my favorite social media sites. I've even made up my own # for my posts... #amcleaning 

Check it out if you like laughing. Or if you'd just like an excuse to roll your eyes more at me ;) 

But as for fashion.

As I clean a lot, most of what I wear throughout the week has to be practical for what I'm doing. Cleaning.

  • Must do well with cleaners/ bleach
  • Skirts aren't too practical as I can't worry about my clothes falling down.
  • Dresses can't be too long. I want to clean, not trip over myself.
  • Not too tight, not too loose. Cleaning must be comfortable.
  • Pockets are a plus as I like to listen to music and my device has to have a place to be.
  • Color makes cleaning all the more vibrant!

I wore this a lot all summer. Sadly, this dress is no longer wearable. 

Lately this has been the dress I wear the most. I made this dress several years ago, but never actually liked it enough to wear until recently. I love that it has pockets!
I wore this skirt for years. It too just passed on recently.

This is my current second most worn outfit for cleaning.

 I used to never wear or like jumpers. But as I clean more and more I find myself liking them for some odd reason.

They can be practical and pretty. Or so my mind is now convinced.

If you'd like to see other things I wear/ do as I clean make sure to check out my IG page.

What about you? Do you have a special fashion style for your work life?


  1. I love your cleaning wardrobe :)

    heehee, my work wardrobe is denim skirts over jeans (I know, I'm such a weirdo, but it's necessary), and an old t-shirt. I need durable old clothes that I can get really dirty in.


    1. Sounds very much like my sister! She's very active and her clothes show ;) I know a lot of people that wear jeans under skirts. I've done leggings, but to be honest I normally hate things on my legs :D