Thursday, December 26, 2013

What are you advertising?

Everyday you wake up, you walk to your closet and pull out some clothes, you put them on, you brush your teeth, you fix your hair and put on make-up. Everyday you prepare yourself to see others, but do you ever stop to think about how others see you?
Because the truth is this, "what you wear is your billboard". What do billboards do? They advertise. The people you pass by, the ones you meet briefly, and even the ones you see everyday will take note of what you wear and what they say about you.

Look in the mirror. What are you wearing and how are you wearing it? Is it flashy and flirty or is it flattering? Does your outfit simply follow a trend or is it tasteful? Does it look like the world or is it modest? And most importantly...what does it advertise?

My dad pointed out the other day that guys are visually driven. If too much skin is showing in certain places what does that advertise to the young men out there? My dad recently asked a similar question of a group of boys at school. He asked, "if you see a girl wearing pants with holes above the knee will you look?" The boys all said yes. He continued on, "when you look what will you see?" The obvious answer would be "skin", but most boys commented back with "more than she's actually showing." So my dad pressed on, "and if you saw the girl in the hallway would you look again?" The boys nodded yes. "Will you be looking at her face?" They shook their head no. "And what are your thoughts when you see a girl dressed immodestly?"...the answers were along the lines of "she's easy to get...she doesn't care."
After class a girl came forward and thanked my dad for pointing out that what you wear often determines what boys think of you. She then asked for a piece of tape so she could cover a hole in her jeans that showed the top of her thigh. She'd never thought about the popular style of ripped jeans as being immodest. She never thought that what she was wearing would advertise her as 'cheep'.

On another note I often see people coming in for work looking sloppy and rumpled. I'm not even their boss and the first thing I think is "this person isn't serious about their work."  They're not advertising professionalism or responsibility.

What about when you see a young woman in Walmart dressed well? I'm not saying fancy or expensive, but modest and tastefully. Her hairs well kept and her makeup isn't over the top. The first thing I think is "well that's a respectable person." She advertises conservative idea's and demands respect.  

The list goes on because it's true. What you wear determines how others look at you and it creates an advertisement. So what is it that your billboard is advertising?


  1. Great post Sierra Kay! I've read many modesty posts, but this is by far my favorite!
    -<3 Khloe Grace

  2. Lovely post! I nominated it for I'd Like To Share ( :)

  3. WOW. That was a great post!


  4. Thanks everyone!

    God Bless,
    Sierra Kay

  5. Very thoughtful! I'm guessing what I wear says that I spend very little time thinking about what I wear, lol. A t-shirt and jeans are about all I wear except to church on Sunday.

  6. Great job Sierra, awesome points and I agree

  7. Have you heard of the Rebelution Modesty Survey?
    It's all sorts of modesty questions by girls answered by boys. It's a really great and interesting resource. I recently did a post about it (and modesty) myself.
    Great post, by the way! It's so true and something we all need to think about!