Wednesday, May 14, 2014

JLR Designs Wearable Art! {review}

Are you an artsy sort of girl? Do you like accessories that are different than 'what you see in the stores?'
Then JLR Designs is just the shop for you! I was sent an elegant fabric pendant necklace a while back (sadly I've let things slip with this blog and gotten too wrapped up in other life affairs to actually get to this post - apologies!) and this is one of the most artsy - and original - pendants I've seen.
It's pretty big, and wears like a slightly longer-length choker. Definitely a statement piece.
The construction of the entire necklace is very solid. The pendant itself is semi-heavy, which I like because sometimes some necklaces are so light that you forget you're wearing them.
I love the combination of gray soft jersey-type material with the black lace overlay. Very subtle and classic.
(Never mind my chipped nail polish. I'm a country girl - nail polish and I don't work together very well. Between washing dishes and digging/weeding in the garden with my bare hands, well...)

Elegant. Sophisticated. Unique.
 This would be perfect paired with a red solid-print blouse and black skirt. Throw in some heels or ballet flats and voila - the makings of a stunningly classy ensemble!
I love that this is homemade, and how professionally it was put together. The pendant's construction is flawless. Everything feels like quality material.
Overall, I like this necklace a lot and you are encouraged to check out JLR Designs for yourself!
Have a blessed day!
Note: I was provided this item in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed remain mine and mine alone.

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