Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lemon zester/grater {Product Review}

 Hi girls! Me again with another review. Yep. This one, and then right aboutMidnight tomorrow's post will be up. Hehe.
This evening I'm reviewing a really neat lemon zester/grater from Chef Proven.

My mom loves this thing.

 At some point all classy ladies are going to need some good cooking utensils... You might even use them now. So here's a nice combined product you can use for both zesting and grating.
Here tis.

 It is a long metallic zester/grater that has been voted the #1 useful kitchen tool for grating and zesting. According to them, it is the most popular kitchen tool on the market. It works great for both zesting lemons and oranges and whatnot and is also a wonderful grater.

 My mother is the main cook in our family so she did a lot of the testing for me (I took the pictures.) She initially used it for grating and loved that half of it. She grated carrots and remarked on the fineness of the grate and how good that would be for my grandmother. She also loves how easily it grates.

Here's part of a zested lemon.
 The blade is stainless steel (and sharp), has a nice cover sleeve when not in use, and has a lifetime money back guarantee. It is also crafted well. Great. My mom also told me to say that it cleans really easy and that is a plus in her book. My mother is probably one of the best cooks I know so I definitely trust her judgement on this thing. If she likes it, I know it's a success.
 It works for whatever you want to zest/grate including lemons, carrots, etc. and it costs less than $13 on Amazon, which I think is pretty cool. You can check it out and read more reviews here.

So if you or your mother or anyone you know needs a nice gift or
whatnot in this department, I recommend this one. :)

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