Sunday, December 28, 2014

Softy {Product Review}

 Hey gals! Tonight I'm reviewing another product from Softy sanitizing wipes. I know a lot of you might have younger siblings or you just need some practical wipes. So this review might be the one for you. I know wipes might sound like a weird thing to review, but trust me... they come in handy.
So here's how big the container is. Also I'm tired.
So... Softy sent me a giant cylinder of wipes. I was surprised and pleased at the enormity. Especially when compared to those tiny little wipe containers they sell in the store. They contained a whopping 150 count of wipes. Which is pretty cool. But would they be super liquidy or too dry or too thin? The wipes turned out to be nice and thick for wipes with a perfect amount of dampness and they worked pretty wonderfully. They also smelled good. I like the way the packaging is done. When we traveled out of state for Christmas, I stuck the wipes in between the seats, anticipating their need.

 I'm pretty sure we actually used them at some point in the car but for some reason my memory is currently failing me. But when there was an accident involving my one-year-old nephew and him taking off his diaper, well... let's just say those wipes came in real handy. My mom even got some great uses out of them. She used them for wiping hands, wiping kids, wiping counters... you name it. They have been quite useful. And since there is such a large amount, we're still experiencing their usefulness.

 These wipes are unique in the fact that they are safe to use anywhere, even on little kids and are alcohol free. They're also infused with aloe and vitamin c. They have a germ-killing rate of 99.9 % and are quality with their soft application. I really like these wipes and think you will too. If you need a bunch of wipes these retail for about $15 on Amazon. Since they're so nice I think it's worth it. Also, there's a money back guaranty if the wipes don't stay moist. So that's cool.

 Thank you Softy wipes and Tomoson for letting me give my honest opinion with this review.

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