Thursday, February 12, 2015

Carcinia Cambogia and Advanced Cleanse {Product Review}

 I do a lot of reviews because I enjoy testing new things and letting people know about my experiences with them. So perhaps it was only curiosity that led me to try yet another type of garcinia cambogia in the hope of a miracle pill. Okay, I never thought that, but these things are pretty much touted as being really amazing at helping you lose weight. So yeah, I tried it again. But this time it was a weight loss kit that came with the garcinia and a cleanse pill thing.

 Once again, it could have been just be me and my body, considering some things I may possibly have issues with, but the stuff didn't really work. I may have lost a pound on the three plus week I spent on the stuff. So not really a lucrative investment for me.

 The company touts that their mixture of garcinia cambogia and slender cleanse will help with the following things...

-Weight Gain
-Mood Swings & Irritability
-Gas & Bloating
-Inability to Loss Body Fat
-Sleeping Problems

Honestly, it didn't help much with any of these things. At all. I wasn't really have sleeping problems, so that's not a factor, and any clearance in my skin is probably due to the skin care regimen I've been doing. Plus my skin wasn't exactly an acne warzone in the first place. So I don't know. Maybe it will help other people, but this cleanse didn't work for me. I think I'm almost done with these miracle pill reviews. Looking forward to that day. :P

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