Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Infinite Joy {Product Review}

My tea face.
Hey-o girlies! Tonight I have a review some of ya'll might be interested in. I've been given the opportunity by Tomoson and Reduxa Inc. to review Reduxa's Infinite Joy tea.

 I don't know about you girls, but I am a tea person. Being a big singer, tea is kind of a necessary and routine part of life. That is, hot tea. I don't drink a lot of the sweet tea usually, mostly because I drink water instead often. Anyway, I was pretty excited to review this item.

Pretty soon a nice sized pouch arrived--a full sized product. There were 30 tea bags inside the pouch. That is just awesome. Anyway, allow me to explain about the tea before I actually review it.

 According to Reduxa, this is a herbal tea that supports natural weight loss and has 21 natural ingredients to support that. It also is just good for you in general and contains ginseng which is good for you and helps you lose weight too. And all of these are 100% natural ingredients. Which is awesome.

 I confess, I can't comment on the weight loss aspect of it, which is my fault. I tend to save my tea for
when I need it, like when my throat hurts, or I have a big singing event, so I didn't even crack into this stash until earlier this week. So I couldn't tell you if it helps you lose weight. I'm sure it does.

I can tell you that it tastes delicious. I am pretty picky with my tea. Usually I only drink peppermint because most other teas just don't taste right to me. Not so with this one. I love the taste of spices on my tongue, I think there might even be a cinnamon type ingredient, and the citrus taste is there. It's just a good tea. Sweetened with honey, it's awesome.

 So if you've never tried tea for weight loss, or would just like to try this, I think it's a wonderful thing and highly recommend. Yum!

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