Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Crayon Stylus! {Product Review}

Cute right?
Hi girlies. Well, if any of you own tablets/ipods/whatever you've probably heard of stylus'. These little things are handy for when you want to write something, or do something more accurately than with your finger.

FlyCatchers sent me a Painting Lulu digital crayon stylus. I thought it would be cute for my niece and nephew to use when they use the coloring app on my mom's tablet.

 It is a pretty thick stylus, about as thick as my pinky finger, and they sent me a yellow one. It looks like a crayola crayon, except it is for tablets/ipods. The bottom of the crayon is thick and hard, but if you press against it you can tell it's almost a bit rubbery. The tip is soft and hollow. This is what you use to draw.

 I liked this stylus. It was nice for drawing on my mom's paper app. Of course the paper app had limited "pens" you could use, so I was stuck trying to color with a calligraphy pen but the stylus worked out okay with it. It also worked to move about the tablet like with a mouse. I could also use this on my ipod if I want, but it's an old one so it might be easier to just use my fingers.

The stylus also came with a free coloring app, which I have yet to download, but it looks to be pretty cute. I love the packaging and think it is adorable.

Here is my finished product. As you can see I am a great artist. HA! In my defense it was drawn rather quickly. I think I have another that was drawn with the stylus.

<--- This I like okay, except that my mom decided to test her penmanship and there was some squiggling done on the side. But oh well. This was a neat little tool.

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