Saturday, January 10, 2015

Silicone Gloves {Product Review}

Hi classy ladies! Here I am with another product review... because several are not enough. :P Okay, so someday I hope to get married. When I was younger I really wanted something called a hope chest which I would store useful things for my future in. That never happened, but I now realize I'll probably have too many things when I leave home to fit in one hope chest anyway... but maybe not. Anyway, today's item is one that would fit right into a hope chest.

AYL Silicone Gloves from, well, AYL.

 These are thick silicone gloves that you can use for all kinds of heat related activity. Barbecuing, pulling things out of the oven, etc. Anything hot was no match for these nifty things.
 The gloves also happen to be waterproof. 

 My mom is the main cook in our family, so when I got these to review I gave them to here. We seem to have a constant potholder shortage, so I figured they would help with that situation.

 My mom likes them. I even tried them. When touching hot surfaces, you can't feel it. Whenever I use a potholder I have to hurry or risk burning my hand, but these were a breeze.

 My biggest complaint for these is that if you don't pull them
on well enough (or maybe even if you do) and you have small hands like my mom and I, well, they can dwarf you hands pretty good. I wouldn't say that's a major problem. They're just one size fits all. They seem to be pretty sturdy and well crafted.

 I like these gloves and can promise that my family and I will continue to use them. Very nice! Buy them here.

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