Friday, January 2, 2015

DogPlus for Classy Pets {Product Review}

Hi girls! Today's review is a little different. Many of us probably have those little furry friends in our lives who need special care. Well, I was sent a hip and joint supplement by PeachyDog to review.

This bottle contains circular pills a little smaller than a quarter. On the back there are amounts that you would give for the size of your pet--cat or dog. My dog fit into the two pills category.

 The pills are made with all natural, human grade ingredients. My dog is a member of the family and I don't want to give him anything that would harm him so knowing it contains natural ingredients was nice.

 It contains normal hip and joint supplements and additionally contains vitamin c, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamin E, and a dark cherry and berry blend containing anti-oxidants.

This helps reduce pain/inflammation pets might experience, and also helps build the joints back up and even improves overall health.

I think this was a really good product. I've given it to B.J. (my cocker spaniel) some and he's been really perky. He's an older dog so that might be a mix... he also is outside now, which he seems to enjoy. But I truly believe this is helping him and his joints. He doesn't really care for the taste though, so I've had to put some peanut butter on them.

I think pet health is just as important as people health if you can do something about it. So if you need something for your old pup, these things have rave reviews. Buy it here.

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