Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Gotta Believe it to Be It

Hello Everyone!

Adriana here! Sorry for not posting lately. Life has been a crazy busy roller coaster ride but now, I'm back. So on with the post!

*not my quote. I just borrowed from Pinterest*

A struggle of mine lately has been that of 'Relationships' [insert dramatic music] Now,  I don't mean relationship struggles but lack of one... It sometimes actually upsets me because I really feel like nothing is going right, my life is going absolutely nowhere and I really just feel super alone when I keep hearing about my friends relationships or I'm told the exciting news that they are engaged (like what?!)

Now, I'm not saying I'm a girl who needs a guy to move on with my life and I am not saying that being an 'independent woman who don't need no man' is a bad thing. I'm just saying that eventually falling in love and getting married is something I would like to happen in my life and just being on my own "Without a Bae", as my mum would say to bug me, (She uses more teenage slang than I do haha) just sucks. I don't want to be single all my life and I'm the kind of person who really doesn't want to be single for that much longer, but who am I to control when Mr. Right walks into my life and sweeps me off my feet? God knows all that...but it's a very hard thing to remember.

The other day though, in a discussion with my mum about it, she asked me this. "What makes you think you are unloved and unlovable?"

I said I wasn't really sure and to be honest, I never thought of it that way. By saying things to myself or 'joking' about how I would be 'Forever alone' I was basically saying that. That was never my intention but that is and was what was happening.

My mum then went on to say(*note:not her exact words*). "That is a lie from hell. By saying this to yourself you are saying that you aren't worthy of love from anyone and thats how the devil is getting to you. He's getting to you and eventually you find yourself saying you're not even worthy of God's own love. You've got to believe that God loves you and you are loveable to truly be and feel worth it."

......Praise the Lord for the wisdom of mothers! ...anyways. I didn't even realize the truth and reality of what my mum said until she had actually spoken the words. Never once have I thought of it that way because you know, being in a relationship with someone and with God is completely different....or is it really?? Is there really a difference? I mean, yes. God created us and every one and thing around us, but is God's love any different? In fact its probably almost better in some, or all, ways actually. But anyways, besides that point (because that is a whole other topic for another time)

But, really. That thought process is the same. First it starts with you believing you are undeserving of love but then eventually you start to believe not only that but you are also underserving of God's love!

But let me end with something else my mum told me. "Mr.Right may not be here right now, but one day he is going to come and sweep you off your feet and it will be wonderful."

.....My mum also commented about how when he does come along she's probably gonna cry when he takes her baby away from her....but thats besides the point!


  1. A really good article!! One that gave me something interesting and new to mull over. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your mother sounds like one wise lady:)

    I just found your blog and I must say, I like it a lot. You've got a new follower;)

    I pray that God would teach you a lot during this time of singleness. Ive been there too, lately even. haha. and I think so many girls feel the same way. just keep hanging in there and know that Gods plan for your life is so much better than any other, and Hes got a plan.

    My favorite quote right now is by CS Lewis and he says "God would not make a person wait unless He thought it were good for him to wait."
    So if you find yourself waiting for your future husband, this might put some perspective on that. God must think it good for you to do some waiting;)

    Sorry for the mini novel comment. haha. God bless you!