Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Garcinia Cambogia Extract 85 % HCA Complex: Let's take two {Product Review)

 All right. Remember how I said I was going to compare these Garcinia Extracts that I talked about a few days ago? Well another one is up! This one was also tested by my dear mother. Today I'm writing a review on Garcinia Cambogia Extract 85% HCA Complex from Summit Nutritions.

 There was a big of miscommunication on the testing of this one, so it only wound up being tested for five days or so, so I may be a bit more lenient.

Although these extracts are mainly used for weight loss they have other benefits as well. The supplement is a natural source of calcium as it comes from a plant.

 The company says that the best way to achieve your weight loss goals are proper dieting and exercise along with taking this supplement. My mom says that she did not lose any weight while taking this but she could tell, once again, that her appetite was being suppressed. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, but I think in general we sometimes tend to overeat so that might not be such a bad thing. She got full faster. She also felt more energized than normal.

 My mother will continue to take this supplement. Although she hasn't experienced the weight loss benefits yet, she hopes to, and I find this to be a pretty satisfying product with packaging and whatnot. I'm sorry I can't get a full scale review on this one because of the miscommunication, but it seems that you can always learn something by trying new things. So if you would like to try this supplement, you can find it on Amazon. And here is Summit Nutritions website.

 I hope you guys are having a wonderful New Year!

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