Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Waltz Dance {Product Review}

Hi girlies! In the past we've talked about losing weight and exercise and fun stuff like that. One way to lose weight is dancing. I'm not talking about provocative grinding or slow dancing or anything like that. For example, SalsaCrazy sent me a Beginner's Waltz Dance to review. It's actual in two parts. Tonight I'm reviewing part one!

 I think Waltz is a lovely thing to see. It's graceful and usually not inappropriate at all. In theater productions I've had the pleasure of either waltzing or doing something similar a couple of times. Of the dances I've done in theater, the waltz may be my favorite just for its simple beauty. Well, seemingly simple.

 This DVD isn't a big money deal. The makers obviously had a budget. The picture didn't seem to be as clear as possible, and there were some slight speaking mistakes, not that that matters much anyway.

 The waltz was shown from more than one angle, and the men and women's steps were shown separately before being put back together.There are detailed tips about feet and other parts of the Waltz and the performers do well.

 My brother and I attempted this, and we did okay, but I think we're going to need to keep using the DVD to get better at it. The instructions were pretty simple, though we still tripped over our feet now and again.

 I think this is a pretty good DVD. It's not the best quality in technical terms, but if you want to learn to Waltz I'm not sure how many stellar quality DVDs are out there anyway. This one suits my purposes just fine. It's not terribly expensive and can be found here. So if you want to try out a little something different, something a bit classy, this is a pretty nice idea. The company itself offers lots of different dance DVDs.

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