Sunday, February 15, 2015

Seaweed Moisturizer {Product Review}

Hi girlies! Here I am again with another review. You may rejoice because it is not a garcinia cambogia or whatever review. Nope. Today I'm reviewing something that every girl is encouraged to use. Moisturizer! Awhile ago I talked about my quest for the perfect moisturizer and whatnot, well I've been given the opportunity to review more. This one is the Seaweed Complex Lotion from Foxbrim. (I received this product free through Tomoston in exchanged for my honest review.)

 I know what you're thinking. Seaweed lotion? I know right. That sounds like the coolest thing ever. That's what I thought anyway. Okay, so this technically isn't a moisturizer, though that's what I've been using it for mainly. It is in fact a lotion, as it says. But it gives facial instructions on the bottle, while also mentioning it can be used as an all body moisturizer.

Anyway, it comes in a nice stout bottle, which is just about the length of my palm or a little taller. It has a nice pump. I have to carefully squeeze out the amount I need or I'll use too much. It's wayyy to easy for this girl to get careless with pumps. Haha.

 Okay, this lotion is thicker in consistency than the previous moisturizers I have reviewed. I guess it has more of a lotion consistency. Because of this, I found myself using a bit more of the lotion than I would if it were thinner, because thicker seems to spread less. Perhaps that's just my brain, but that's how I do it. The scent I have a hard time describing. I almost want to say it smells like hand sanitizer, like the kind they use in hospitals, but oh so much pleasanter. I think that's probably a bad description. It smells healthy. Like growing things, or something.

 Which makes sense. It is seaweed lotion, after all.

 As far as the ingredients of this nice little item, well... There are over 90 minerals in it alone, plus many awesome ingredients, including blue green algae. It has anti-radiation properties to protect you from the sun's rays even long term. Basically, I like this lotion. The fact that many key ingredients come from the bottom of the sea makes it pretty amazing. What do you think? You can pick up a bottle on Amazon.

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