Sunday, May 3, 2015

Softy Wipes Individually Wrapped

 Now that Spring is officially here (yeah it's been here a while, but it's really starting to feel like it now) I'm going to try to do an outfit post soon! Yay! But for now I'm reviewing Softy individually wrapped hand sanitizing wipes.

 You may remember when I reviewed the full size Softy wipes and how awesome they were? Well, we literally just finished that up a few days ago. I was saddened by this because they have come in handy. Their recent permanent home was the car. We travel so much that someone is always needing a wipe.

Well, Softy contacted me to ask if I would like to review their new release, individually wrapped wipes. I couldn't say no. These wipes are great because they are all natural, safe for children, pets, and anything, and that is saying something.

 The box came. And it was huge! Apparently it contains about 100 wipes so it was huge! And packed with wipes. They come in cute little individual packages. The good thing about these little packages compared to the big container is that these fit much better in bags and purses, so basically they're just more mobile. I like them just as much as I liked the first ones. The same wipe, just new packaging. I really appreciate this natural company and their quality wipes.

~ Bethany

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