Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Deodorant Musings {Product Review + Giveaway}

Hi gals! Today I'm doing a review and giveaway I'm pretty excited about. I'm reviewing Vanilla Mint Deodorant from Bella Organics. I received this in exchange for my honest review.

Deodorant is such a strange thing. For some reason we humans tend to sweat and smell under the arms. Which is definitely not a lovely thing. You want to know what is even worse? When you are involved in something physical like theater. That's me.

 You see, my mother hates all the strange ingredients they keep in deodorant these days. And I have to agree with her. There are so many unnecessary (and extremely unhealthy) ingredients. The one we probably dislike the most is aluminum (why does that need to be in deodorant?) because when my Grandma had cancer that was on a list of things to avoid because apparently it could cause cancer, or make it worse.

 Also, antiperspirant. Let's talk about that one. I use antiperspirant in fact. I wish I didn't, but being in theater I've found it necessary. Since a female deodorant can hardly be found without all sorts of horrible ingredients I've used mostly male deodorant since I've been of an age to use it. Apparently my body rejects that deodorant because it doesn't work for me as well as it used to, so I've found it sadly necessary to use antiperspirant deodorant during shows (especially during tech week when there are costumes that won't be washed for a while) so that I don't leave a terrible stench everywhere.

 I don't like using antiperspirant because your body actually needs to sweat a certain amount. It's a healthy function and impeding it can be potentially harmful.

 So this deodorant. I wanted to review it because finding good deodorant alternatives is hard and I'm tired of either smelling like a guy or using antiperspirant. So I jumped at the chance. It smells wonderful. I LOVE mint and the mix of that and vanilla is just fantastic. When I tried it, it felt really cool and nice.

 One unfortunate setback is that this deodorant detoxifies you if you've been putting lots of chemicals in your body. Since I have been, it was causing me to sweat and all kinds of stuff. Which is pretty bad when I have to go somewhere basically every day. The deodorant worked well besides that issue. I hope as soon as I get a bit of a break to use it more so that I'll detoxify and it will be less strange in that sense.

 The deodorant works as a creme that you rub in with your fingers. It's pretty thick and spreads pretty easily. This is an organic deodorant and I think it is pretty awesome.

 Do you have any thoughts on deodorant and health? Share deodorants you've come across in the comments! You can buy this deodorant here. <--- Well as soon as I can find the link. XD

GIVEAWAY! Bella Organics is offering to give away some of this deodorant creme to one of our followers or anyone else. To enter just comment below (include a way to contact you) and I'll put your name in! :)

~ Bethany


  1. This sounds really cool! It is so hard to find a deodorant without nasty chemicals. I've found one effective one by NutriBiotic and it's aluminum and paraben free. The Lavender scent is my favorite and it's long last too. ^ ^ I'd really like to try this one though. On my blog (storitorigrace.blogspot.com) in the About Me info, you can find contact information. ^ ^ Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  2. I have all the same issues with deodorant. I did find one that was aluminum free, but it doesn't work well, this one sounds awesome. My email is skyehoffert@hotmail.com
    Great post :D

  3. Neat :) you should do a review on Kit Naturals products :)

    keturahskorner (at) gmail (dot) com