Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dead Sea Mud Mask {Product Review}

 Hiyo Ladies! Today I am reviewing A Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask from Pure & Essential Minerals. I received this product free in exchange for my honest review. I'd like to say... if there is any sort of post you'd like me to talk about (Outfit, encouragement, etc.) just let me know in the comments and I will try to write something focusing on that. I know it seems like I'm doing a lot of product reviews, but I'm willing to write whatever you need to hear, so just let me know. :)

 So, I happen to think facial masks are the coolest things. There's just something about lathering your face with some substance and leaving it on for an extended period of time that peaks my interest. I did it once and it wasn't a terrible experience, in fact I might say I enjoyed it.

 Since I tend to be the product guinea pig on here (if you take a look at my past posts I've put a lot of stuff on my skin in the last few months!) I figured it might be fun to review some of these mask things.

 So this. It is a mud mask. Rather interesting, I admit. And the mud comes from the Dead Sea. Cool. Now, it isn't entirely composed of mud from the dead sea, but that is the base. It has minerals from there. So apparently this stuff draws out excess oils and impurities and infuses your face with minerals and essential oils. If you use it weekly it's supposed to really help your skin.

 In the time I've had this product I've used it twice. You put a coating over your face and leave it until
it dries, then you wash it away with warm water and exfoliation. It has a mint smell to it actually, so I'm pretty sure it has mint of some kind in it. The stuff feels pretty nice. Then you rub it all over your face and mannnnn. It burns like crazy. But it isn't a painful burn in the way that you're going to get a scar. It smarts a little, but is bearable. Not bad at all. Eventually, your face feels extremely tight after it dries. You should make sure all the remnants get cleaned out of your sink because they can dry and get stuck to your sides if you aren't careful.

 After it was washed off my skin felt ah-ma-zing. Literally. My face was so soft, I kept trying to show people. It made my skill feel wonderful. I haven't seen any long term effects yet, but I plan on continuing its use as its pretty nice stuff. It's high quality and there's a good amount of mud in there. I really like this product.

 Enjoy the photos of me being silly with my interesting faces. :)

 See the product here.

~ Bethany

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  1. Mud mask are so much fun. I love the way your skin feels afterwards. I actually went to the Dead Sea and they have this mud stuff in buckets and people put it all over their bodies. It was quite funny to see actually :)
    Great post :)