Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hello Cutie Mud Mask {Product Review + Giveaway}

 Hi girlies. Here's another mud mask review. This is the Hello Cutie Mud Mask from Glam Essentials! This time I'm mixing things up with a youtube video. (This is from my channel. I should be having one up on the APOC vlog very soon.) I am a very interesting person on camera...Ha...Ha... (I received this product in exchange for my review.)

So that was... different. Anyway, this was a pretty cool mask. And it made my face feel great afterward! It isn't an extremely thick goop but is almost like the consistency of shampoo. It goes onto your face pretty easily and isn't extremely hard to wash up.  After you wait until it dries you just wash it off with warm water and then use toner or whatnot. I didn't have a cotton ball or anything so I just put moisturizer, but...

 Anyway, it's really great for you! If you'd like to check it out, click here.

DRUM ROLLL.  Glam essentials is offering one lucky winner one of their very own mud masks! (At least that's what I'm pretty sure they meant when they said "contest" aka giveaway. XD) This giveaway will end on Sunday, so you have a few days! Comment below to enter, and if you share with you friends (and let me know in the comment) you get an extra entry! Thanks for reading.

~ Bethany

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  1. Do you remember doing those masks when we had the girls weekend the summer you and Micah stayed with us? Anytime I see or hear about mud masks it reminds me of the crazy fun we had.