Saturday, October 15, 2016

Date in A Cave

 A couple weeks ago one of my friends took me out on a secret "friend date."

All I knew was to dress nice, but warm. And to bring a water bottle :)

And so, I had fun picking out an outfit. I just found this skirt recently... isn't it so fun looking? Very comfy and flows so nicely :D 

On my way to find out...

We are going in the caverns!!!

Such a great friend :) And a great view ;)


Shirt: Thrift
Skirt: Thrift
Tank Top: Hand-me-down
Jacket: Hand-me-down
Shoes: Hand-me-down
Hat: gift
Necklace: thrift 
(and leggings for warmth)

It was a very fun time... as you can tell :) And the outfit ended up being perfect for the occasion ;)