Saturday, October 1, 2016

It Was Just Too Ugly Not To Wear...

Hand-me downs are so fun, aren't they?
But sometimes you can be very unsure about what you are given. And honestly, I don't end wearing (liking) even half of what we are given.
But they are still fun ;)

This dress was given to us recently, among a few other dresses. When I first saw it I thought it looked horrendous... but it felt so soft!

Teasing mom, I held it up and said, "How do you like my new dress?"

She rolled her eyes.

So I teased further by putting the dress on.

And then I sort of fell in love with it.

And can you believe it... I started getting compliments on it... I even made some friends of a couple of older ladies when flying last month. 

People would say, "I love your dress."

I'd smile, looking down at the interesting print. "Thanks. I was unsure about it at first. But it was just too ugly not to wear."

For some odd reason that received quite a few laughs ;D ;b

I could see myself playing baseball in this dress ;)

Sister: Was that comfortable?
Me: Yes, why?
Sister: You looked comfortable.

Got to get a crazy picture... and the shadow of the dirt bike ;)

And another hand-me down I was unsure about at first... my shoes! I have fallen in love with them. They are so comfy and practical and match with lots.

And some fun pics my sister edited:

She does some weird stuff, but it actually turns out pretty good, I think :) It's fun anyways :D

Most of this outfit was given to me! What a deal ;) I think I may have bought my bracelets. 

And my hair was just a french braid that started up on my head, down around my face, and into my hair. Very simple and unique. :)

Do you like hand-me downs? Have you ever been unsure about clothes before then fell in love with them? Remember, if you ever see something and hate it - try, try it on first! Lol. Have a great weekend!!!!!!


  1. That is a hilarious reason to wear something, it does look really nice on you. I need to find something that is too ugly not to wear.

    1. Haha, isn't it? ;) Lol, you totally should ;)