Thursday, June 11, 2015


 Today I feel better than I have in a long while. I've found it to be so easy to just sit and do nothing all day. After getting out of college for the summer and finishing up my theatrical youth career, laying around all day like a couch potato has been all too easy.

 But sitting around doesn't make you feel good. It might be nice to binge watch a tv show or just talk to your friends online all day. But those things aren't always fulfilling. Actually, they rarely are. (Talking to your friends can be fulfilling at times, but the other stuff, maybe not so much.)

 I've found myself lacking the drive to do things. I lack the drive to record my parts for an audiobook, or write that blog posts I've been meaning to work on for two weeks. I've lacked the drive to do the cleaning I want to do. I've even lacked the drive to write my novel. The sad part is that the drive always comes at night when it's much too late and I'm much to tired to do anything. I can't explain the lack of drive I've experienced the last several days. It might have to do with some health issues or just not feeling motivated, though I do feel motivated to a point, I just was having trouble pushing myself to accomplish things.

 A lack of drive is a terrible thing, and one that I refuse to continue. God did not create us to do nothing. We were designed with incredible precision to do great things. So today, I rebelled against my lack of drive. I made myself a pre-workout smoothie, and did a real work out for the first time since before I started college in the fall. I had a shower after that and boy did I feel good. After that I did some work, and recording, and don't plan on stopping.

 If you are feeling unmotivated, here is my advice: Push yourself to exercise, even just a little bit. A little bit of exercise will wake your body up and make you feel more awake and motivated. Another bit of advice? Read your Bible and pray. I always try to read my Bible, but I've been pushing it to be an evening activity. I'm going to change up my routine so I read my Bible and do devotional earlier in the day so I can set the right tone for the rest of the day.

 I've felt so much better since I've gotten myself motivated. How about you? With the lazy days of summer coming, how do you keep yourself motivating? Do you have any goals for the summer?

 ~ Bethany


  1. I've noticed that after doing something that took a lot out of me it's easy to just not want to do anything lol. I'm planning on taking a two week writing hiatus after I finish this long swatch writing to-dos since January. Doing a little bit I've found is a great way to get myself to do something. Just do a little bit even if you feel tired or you don't feel like it or whatever will help in the long run.