Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Potholder! {Product Review}

 Today I am reviewing a couple of multipurpose silicone potholders from Pratipad. I received these in exchange for my honest input and review. Thanks.

 I think these potholders are really neat. They have the unique attribute of being useful for just about anything you might need them for. My family has used them for cooking, as well as using as something to sit underneath a warm laptop. You can also use it as a can opener, and well... there are many ways you might find it of use.

 As you can hopefully see from the photos, the potholders have a honeycomb type shape all over them. These apparently help evenly distribute the heat and provide good protection. 

These pads are designed to withstand both
extreme heat and cold. I noticed that they work really well, but if I held something more hot than normal for an extended period of time, I could feel the heat coming through them. This obviously wasn't such a big deal to me since most items would only be carried briefly if you were getting them from the oven or something.

 I like the versatility of this potholder. While you can do many things with regular ones, I think this
holder offers superior protection. It is an item I am excited to add to my 'hope' chest. I hope to be able to use it in the future. Have you discovered any neat items lately?

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~ Bethany

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