Saturday, December 24, 2016

Snowing All the Colors of the Sky

I really do not care for the cold. AT ALL. I mean it's so... so cold. I like to be warm, and wear summer clothes, lol.

But snow...

It does make pretty pictures.

And it can be fun sometimes.

So, maybe I'll like the cold a little this year ;b

The last couple years I have not been at home this time of the year, but with friends in the far off state of Tennessee. So, it's both weird and nice to be at home... though at times I miss "my other home". 

Anyways, what I really like looking back over life, seeing how different things connect, how my life has changed because of things, how it's continuing to change. It's really fantastic that I've always kept a journal - because then I can remember those things that weren't so important and see how they extremely impacted my life to be what it is today.

Do you ever do that?

Gauge the future by what is and has been happening?

It's very fun to do - and really makes you in awe of God. Because there are just some things that I could never imagine of happening that have happened. Or things that I was sure of that became foggy memories. And just to see how some of my friendships have grown out of the weirdest circumstances... and continue to grow.

It makes you realize that, "Sure, I don't like snow, but hey. God might have some adventure through even this that I can't even begin to comprehend."

And you're like, "Wow. How did that come to this?"


Fashion post rants that have nothing to do with fashion are the best ;)

Pink. Green. Blue. All the pretty colors ;)

My hand is sort of awkward in this picture... but the cat in the background demanded to be posted! 

These mittens were made for me by a dear friend - she actually sent them to me while I stayed in Tennessee. It made my day to receive a surprise package from her, with all sorts of goodies. :)

Again, just about all of this outfit was thrifted. I made the hat. A friend made the mittens. My mom gave me the scarf.

So, do you have snow where you live? How do you like or not like it? I have always thought it would be fun to help make maple syrup when it's snowy out, then gather snow and pour the fresh syrup on the snow for a yummy treat like the did in the Laura Wilder Ingalls books :) 

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