Friday, December 23, 2016

Shower Tote {Review}

I'm going to flood you with reviews. But this one I think you will appreciate, so read on. Today I am reviewing the Showermade Portable Shower Tote Storage Organiser... a lengthy name that basically means a shower or bathroom bag, as I call it. I received the product in exchange for my honest review from Tomoson and Showermade.

 When traveling, I'm sure we have all wondered that ever-present question... where do I pack my bathroom items? Those essentials for body and hair care have to packed somewhere and in the suitcase where a potential spill is possible is rarely the ideal choice. In the past I've used random bags for these items, but this can result in digging to find small items and other headaches. Not to be cliche, but this product kind of did change my life. 

 Maybe that's too dramatic. I don't know. But this really is a great poduct. It retails on Amazon (here) for only $12.97, which is pretty awesome, and I'll explain why. 

 As a reminder, this is an honest review. If I didn't like this product I'd pretty much tell you, but I genuinely love it. I've had this bag for a while and it has held up. The cloth, canvas-like strap is nice and durable. It hasn't frayed or weakened as far as I can tell. This product is awesome in a couple of ways. 

Unlike a normal tote that only has the inside of the bag, this product has both a large space inside and several pockets of varying size all around the outside of the bag. Why is this so awesome? I can place smaller items in little pockets, such as tweezers or a contact case, and I won't have to worry about them falling into the depths of the bag. The inside works well for larger items, like shampoo bottles and other things. 

I often fill this bag up and take it with me whenever I go on a trip. It's so handy! The handle is sturdy, as I've already mentioned, and can hang pretty much anywhere on a hook, or you can sit the bag on the shelf. I've done both. I love that it's easy to hang, but doesn't fall over like a tote might if I want to set it down. It's also pretty compact, so it can fit quite a big without taking up a huge amount of space. Another feature of this bag? It's made of quick-drying mesh fabric that helps keep it dry so mold and other nasty stuff doesn't happen. Pretty neat, huh? If you think this bag is as cool as I did, you can check it out at the link I posted above. It's worth it. I can't wait to take this bag with me on my two next trips... to visit my sister and then to my college apartment. Hurrah!

~ Bethany

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  1. I have a bag very much like this one... love it :)