Saturday, December 24, 2016

Lazy Lidz Sleep Mask {Product Reviews}

 Some exciting changes are coming to A Pinch of Classy, but we'll talk more about that in the future. Now I'm going to present you with yet another review. I KNOW. But only a few more days. 2017 has something new coming. For now, I'm reviewing the Lazy Lidz sleep mask.

 A really sad tale goes with this sleep mask and it is the primary reason I haven't reviewed it yet. It's also the reason I don't have a photo to include with this post. Let's begin our tale...

 Once upon a time there was a girl (that's me) who wanted a sleep mask because her first sleep mask was borrowed forever (stolen?) by her mother. She was sent one to review by a lovely company and her happiness began. Oh, but that happiness was short lived. After she had spent a bit of time with the mask, she went on a trip, taking it with her to block out light. It would have been better if she'd left it at home. Not even a few hours into the trip, she offered someone else the opportunity to borrow her mask because sleeping in vehicles is hard. It was then that the mask disappeared. The girl did not review the mask because she thought she would find it to take a photo. Alas, it was not meant to be.

 And that is the story of how I lost a really awesome item while on a trip. *Sad sigh.* And now that I'm going to be living in a college apartment next semester, I could really use that mask... how sad.

 Though I don't have a photo of the mask, I will direct you to the Amazon page, here.

I like this mask. It doesn't have any plastic feeling pieces on the mask. It's soft and comfortable against your face and the satin material is very nice. Instead of something that pokes into your skin, it just rests comfortably. The inside is soft cotton velvet. The mask comes with a free set of ear plugs, too, so that's nice. It's just a good product and a good company. Check them out at the link above.

~ Bethany

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