Thursday, February 27, 2014

Infinity Scarf {Product Review}

Hey, ya'll! 

Sorry for not posting consistently the past several weeks. Life has been crazy to say the least, but after this weekend I'll be back to my weekly Thursday posts. Prayers would be much appreciated though because I've been very busy will college classes, SAT's, and work.

Okay now for the fun part.
I was sent a beautiful infinity scarf from Sheri Kate Designs on etsy. First off scarves are my addiction, so this was such a perfect review for me to get to do. Also, this has been perfect for scarf weather. They're warm, they're functional, and they're cute. Having cute scarves is definitely a must and this scarf qualifies as super cute.

The packaging was so pretty, not to mention professional, and Stephanie included a very sweet note.

At first I was a bit confused on how to wear it with the two different colors, but after lining up the two seams I figured it out. This is why you shouldn't hand a blond an infinity scarf...we confuse ourselves...way too much. In the end I loved having the two different colors because you can wear it several different ways. 

The chevron print is gorgeous as are the colors, and the texture of the material is so soft. It's light enough to wear in the spring and summer and heavy enough for fall and winter. The quality is also amazing. The seams are hidden and finished well, which is definitely something to look for in a scarf.

I completely recommend the scarf and Sheri Kate's Designs. My mom and sisters also fell in love with the scarf so we've added the shop to our list of places to shop for Christmas and birthdays. Head over and check the shop out for yourself here! Not only do they have super cute scarves in a ton of colors, but they've also got some adorable maxi skirts. To top it all off the prices are extremely reasonable, especially for the quality of product you get.


  1. Very nice review!

  2. Beautiful scarf & excellent review!!
    I'll have to check out Sheri Kate's Designs sometime!! :)


  3. Love the scarf! I really want one now

  4. Beautiful scarf and the review is great. You can wear the infinity scarf in many ways and truly these styles are unique and perfect for parties, and everywhere you go.