Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dabble Designs Owl Earrings {review}

Good afternoon ladies!
Aren't these earrings adorable? A month or so ago I was sent them to review from Katie at Dabble Designs.
They're 100% sterling silver, and quite small. The owl design is so intricate and darling!
I'm a major owl lover so naturally these earrings caught my attention. And they're itty-bitty, so if I wanted to just throw a subtle touch to my outfit they'd be perfect.
The perfect pair of unique mini studs! They're very easy to wear.
I see no cons to these earrings except that you might be able to lose the backs because they're just so tiny. But that could also happen with larger studs as well, so nothing can be helped there really. You just have to make sure you put this pair in a place in your jewelry box where they won't get tucked away and forgotten!

Overall, I like these earrings a lot. Personally I might prefer them a little bigger, if I were to design them, simply so you can see the owl better, but that's just me.  I'm the kind of girl who loves big hoops and long danglies. But studs have their occasion, and let's be honest, for practicality's sake you just can't go around scrubbing tubs and doing laundry in big clunky earrings!
So, these are quite perfect for everyday activities, or just about anything really.  Oh-so-cute! And silver matches with everything so it's a win/win there also.
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Note: I was provided this item from Dabble Designs in exchange for my honest review.

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