Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dual Review & Another Giveaway! (TWO WINNERS!)

Hola chicas!
Today I have something a little different for you.
First, a dual review including products from Dazzling Adornments and Capurro Customs.
And later, we'll be having another giveaway, and this time not only one but two winners will be chosen! Stay tuned!
So, I was sent a cool array of handcrafted no-piercing jewelry from Dazzling Adornments. All the pieces are pictured above in the photo collage.
They are:
 And, my favorite of them all, the leaf-chain ear cuff, which I can't seem to find a link to on Etsy, sadly.
All of these pieces are no-pierce and easily fastened as they can be bent slightly to be adjusted to your own liking. My favorite thing about this kind of jewelry is that it does NOT require piercings!
Now, I've been an ear cuff wearer for a little while now, and I love how unique ear cuffs are as compared to 'regular' earrings. I've had kids compliment me on how "that looks really cool!" And my friends tell me they think that ear cuffs look Tolkien-esque, or at least reminiscent of the Elvish societies. Which is definitely a positive! But other peoples' reactions aside, I just like ear cuffs period.
The leaf-chain cuff pictured above is one of my favorite cuffs now. And speaking of Elvish-ness, it certainly looks like something straight out of Rivendell or Lothlorien to me! I love the silver color and subtle-ness of the chain and delicate leaf charm. A very sophisticated cuff for sure!
All the other cuffs are made with a pliable yet substantial silver or copper wire. They are very lightweight. You can easily forget you're even wearing them.
I am sorry to say that I don't wear lip or nose cuffs so therefore I can't say much on their wear-a-bility. Honestly, I just wouldn't like something metal on my lip or nose. That's just me. I have nothing against it theologically or anything like that, because for one thing we see in the Old Testament where Isaac gave Rebecca a gold nose ring, among other examples. To me it's just a matter of personal preference to only wear ear jewelry as far as this is concerned.
But! For anybody out there who does wear lip or nose cuffs, it's your 'lucky' day...and you'll see why!
Overall, I have enjoyed wearing the leaf-chain cuff very much, and concerning the other cuffs, I would wear them in a heartbeat as well (with the exception of the nose and lip cuffs) if it weren't for the fact that one of you fabulous people will be...oh, I'm getting ahead of myself. Just keep reading!
Bottom line? Dazzling Adornments gets my seal of approval!
Next we have two elegant items from Capurro Customs! I was sent a custom black and cream skirt and Black lace infinity scarf.
The skirt is pictured above. I absolutely LOVE the fabric! It's actually very similar to that of my bedroom curtains...maybe that's why I was initially drawn to it, haha. (I love my curtains.) It's quaint, old-timey and feminine. I love the black white contrast, with the old-fashioned designs on the fabric.  So cute!
 Sadly, this skirt was too short on me. The hem fell a bit above my knees, and the shortest skirt I will wear is knee length. Bummer! It has a durable elastic waistband with a good bit of give, so you can wear it at your natural waist, higher, or really whichever way you like. So that wasn't the issue.
The length just didn't work on my long legs. For a girl who's shorter than me (I'm 5'8") it would be completely modest though...knee-length or longer.
As far as the craftsmanship of this skirt goes, it's flawless. I would definitely wear this skirt if it were a tad longer and maybe with a little more fabric to it in general, say, more of an A-line design with some flare at the bottom.
Now, the scarf I will be keeping. Who doesn't love black lace or just lace in general? What's more feminine than a nice lace scarf??
My pictures are pretty bad. So therefore I'm including a few from the Capurro Customs Etsy page.
Black Lace Knit Infinity Scarf
As you can see, this would work with just about any outfit on the face of the earth. Black goes with everything! And since this is entirely lace, it's lightweight and could be used as a spring/summer scarf indefinitely. I love it!
 Overall, I have to give Capurro Customs a double thumbs up. And yes, that also means I give it my seal of approval! The quality is superb, and the aesthetics of the products captivating and delightful.
NOW. For the moment you've all been waiting for! At least, I hope you have...
We're having another giveaway!!
In this one, you can enter to win either the skirt from Capurro Customs (shown above) or a set of cuffs from Dazzling Adornments.

The skirt is a size medium/small roughly, with a 30-31 inch waist (can stretch to larger). Picture how cute it would be with some cowboy boots and black tights/leggings underneath!
The cuff jewelry you will be winning includes the pink ear cuff, the double lip ring, the triple ear cuff, the nose ring, and the copper ear cuff. 
Ear Cuff Silver Heart Charm, 12 cuff colors available
Ear Cuff Copper
Two winners will be chosen - one will get the skirt, and one will get the cuff set!
Have fun and make sure to spread the word to your friends!
Have a blessed day!
Note: These items were provided in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed remain mine and mine alone.


  1. This is really neat :) the cuffs look interesting, for sure. :)

  2. My favorite thing about winter is the cold weather.

  3. I love the fuzzy clothes!

  4. I've never worn an ear cuff, but they look really cool!

  5. Frozen came out....That was my favourite thing this winter. *GRIN*

  6. And my favorite thing was...Frozen coming out.

  7. The skirt and scarf aren't really my thing, but I LOVE ear cuffs. :)

  8. I have to say that I'm not a *huge* fan of winter, but I love scarfs and big cozy sweaters.... :) My favorite thing about winter is curling up with a book next to a window watching the snow fall.... :D
    P.S. Love the ear cuffs!!