Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Greetings and Classy Outfit

Hello Everyone!

My name is Adriana and I am so excited to be joining the team here on a Pinch of Classy.

So I have a fun little Outfit Of The Day post for y’all (I think Leah is calling it a ‘Classy Garb’ post) but first I wanna take a little bit of your time to introduce myself a little. (My bio would be pages long if I tried to fit it all on that thing :P)

My bio is kinda more the bare bones about me but I’m gonna throw in a couple more fun details. I am the oldest of 8 kids and I’m overly obsessed with the color orange and the use of smiley emoji's whenever I can. I am known to be quite the girly girl. (Though I have my moments where I’m not.) and I love to dress up in my most classy outfits whenever I get the chance.

I love to be an encouragement to people and help them as much as I can. I am also a Junior Youth Leader at my Youth Group (meaning I help plan the outreach events to bring the youth of the community to our church) and I plan to attend Briercrest College for Youth Ministries.

So there you have it! A bit more about me (besides what's on my bio :P) and now it’s time to get serious and get right into this post! Yay :)
For Sundays I love to dress up. On Sundays is usually when I will wear a skirt or dress.

Yeah so my sister jumped in the one picture :P
 So this outfit is probably my favorite outfit of all time. It is an outfit I can also wear year round and one of my few outfits that looks great with my awesome 5 inch heels.

Since I don't have much money to spend on clothes you can probably count that it was cheap. Proof that modest clothing can be purchased at very cheap prices. (Except for the jacket. That was more on the expensive end but it is my moms that I 'borrow'...almost every day.)

I also like to do a little bit of makeup for thing like church or events that require me to dress up. For my makeup I just use Mascara and my all time favorite tinted mint lip gloss. Throw in the super easy hairstyle known as a bun it looks super cute!

So here is a quick recap as to what pieces make up my outfit (and where I purchased them)

 The jacket was purchased from a store called 'Ricki's'
The dress was purchased from Walmart
The leggings were purchased at Value Village. (Not sure they have that in the states but its a second hand store :P)
The shoes were purchased along with the necklace at Ardene
The mascara brand is L'Oreal (Miss Manga I believe it is called) and the lip gloss I found at Bath and Bodyworks

So, yeah. That's my outfit :) Hope you liked it!

Look forward to posting in the future,


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