Monday, September 8, 2014

Pearls, Denim & Floral Leggings {classygarb + review}

"Well blow me away, is this an actual outfit post on APOC? *insert gasp*"

 Yes, I'm fully aware of the fact I haven't done any classygarb posts for quite a while now. *sigh* To be honest, half the time when I put together an outfit I like I'm just not in the mood to want to take any pictures. I know, I know, I'm a despicable human being.

Hopefully you can forgive me?

I hope so, because I have some cool stuff to show you ladies today.

I have the pleasure of getting to introduce to y'all two awesome businesses - ShinyGirlDesigns and Apostolic Clothing! One's a high-quality hand crafted jewelry shop, and the other is a modest, feminine clothing line! Both are reputable businesses with a lot to offer. And both sent me cool items to review!
From Apostolic Clothing, a-line knee-length denim skirt.

And from ShinyGirlDesigns, a lovely lavender pearl infinity wrap necklace.
So this is my first attempt at incorporating leggings into an outfit modestly. I've actually never even owned any until just a week ago when I bought three pairs from Forever 21. I had this thought that floral leggings would look really fun and quirky with a mid-length skirt, especially if the skirt were denim. I mean it's like combining two things that don't really match but....they kinda do?? I mean, maybe I just have a weird sense of style, but I feel like they match.
As to shoes, I would've worn my grey bohemian moccasins but it's not really the season for wintry boots yet. And then I saw my handy-dandy cowboy boots - voila!
So I feel like this outfit is a mish-mash of sorts, but I have to say I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. It's like a quasi-western, quasi-boho, almost-a-teensy-bit-of-formal-trying-to-sneak-in collage.
It's colorful. And it feels very me.
Ugh, blurry photos ftw. This is what happens when you try to get pictures in FL humidity.
I really like this skirt. It's a fantastic length, and the A-line design provides a lot of freedom movement-wise. I don't know about y'all, but trying to find a decent skirt that isn't wayyyy too short is always a struggle for me. Especially since I'm tall. What might fit a friend who's average height comes up being disastrously short on me. So, when I find a skirt that actually fits me right it's almost euphoric. *cue happy dance*

I also really like the stitching. It's got a little pizazz. And yes, the pockets are actually functional.
The denim material is well-constructed and sturdy.

My only complaint? The waist is too big on me. Blame it on my figure, maybe. But it fits everywhere except my waist. I'd prefer for it to sit on my natural waist, but it ends up resting on my hips and even there it's a bit loose. I wouldn't want to size down, though, because then it might not fit anywhere but the waist.

Belts to the rescue!


 I have no idea what kind of pose this was supposed to be. Or what was up with the facial expression. Haha I'm such a model.....notttttt.
 Oh, hi there!
"I've got enough caffeine in me to last for years! Whoooo!"
As to the necklace, it's quite charming. A simplistic, yet very elegant design. Then again, pearls are always classy. Or, so they say down in the South, anyways.
Nah, it's not just a southern thing. Pearls are timeless class. 
This is a piece of minimalistic grace. It's light and dainty, so you almost forget you're wearing it.
Mysti, one of the creators and artisans of ShinyGirlDesigns, actually took the time to handwrite an informative note about the design aspects of this necklace, also including background information on the business which she and her mother run together. (How neat is that, a mother/daughter jewelry business?)
A quote from Mysti's letter: "Finally, the technical aspects of this piece. The pearls are dyed, freshwater pearls. The chain and wire are both sterling silver. And of course, the piece is handmade."

I think it's a lovely piece. Professional-level quality, feminine and classic.
Top: Coldwater Creek
Belt: hand-me-down
Skirt: Apostolic Clothing (find it here)
Leggings: Forever 21
Necklace: ShinyGirlDesigns (find it here)


What do you think of this look? Is this leggings/cowboy boots/skirt combination a yay or nay?

Note: I was provided these items from Apostolic Clothing and ShinyGirlDesigns in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed remain mine and mine alone.


  1. Cute outfit! I love the necklace especially!

  2. Beautiful! I love that skirt, and your boots! I've been thinking of getting a pair of wild leggings myself-still looking for a decent price ;)

    1. Thank you Natasha! :) Well, Forever21 has some of the cheapest from what I've investigated. Which is why I got mine there. xD