Sunday, February 24, 2013

Changing Paradigms

 What if you realize that the way that you think, and therefore act, is wrong? What if you realize that you are stuck in a rut, chained to a certain paradigm that is destroying yourself and those you come in contact with...but you can't seem to get out of that paradigm? What do you do?

I am far from an expert. In fact, I struggle myself to answer my own questions. That's why I'm writing this. I'd like to spark a discussion, share what I think and hear what you think in return.

If I realized that my paradigm was way off, and I have before to some extent, here are the steps that I would take to change my paradigm:

1. The first thing of course is to seek YHWH with your whole heart. Place it in His hands and trust Him to change your paradigm. Change your mind and God will change your heart.

2. You can't just sit back and say, "Ok, God, I'm ready for you to change me." You have to change your the way you think. Think about the actions and ways of thinking that are a result of your paradigm and as you're going along and catch yourself doing that or thinking that way...stop, realize what you're doing and decide to change your mind.

3. Along with step 2, get one or several people that you can be accountable to and who are not also stuck in the same paradigm (or if they are, make sure they know it and are also trying to break away) and ask them to let you know when they see you acting in accordance with that paradigm. You might not notice it yourself, but they will.

Have you ever had to consciously change your paradigm about something? How did you do it?

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