Thursday, February 21, 2013

Modesty: Setting Some Guidelines

Hey! I’m so excited to be posting on this blog. This is my first ever post on a blog like this so please be patient with me :P
So I want to talk about an easy way to get started with modesty by setting some guidelines. Though some of you may already have some rules as to what you can and can’t wear it doesn’t hurt to get a refresher. Before I get started I just want to quickly say that everyone has different rules or guidelines when it comes to modesty.
Maybe you constantly wonder: “I’ve always wanted to dress modestly but how can I dress modestly and still wear what is in style?”
Well, sorry to have to tell you this, but sometimes you can’t. Now don’t get me wrong. I for one LOVE the latest and newest trends in fashion but sometimes it just can’t happen. Modesty is really important. Like Bethany said in her post:
 “I've discovered that the reason most people dress without modesty is to draw attention to themselves. This is the opposite of being humble. In modesty, we are not trying to attract attention, because all attention should be given to the One who deserves it: God.”
So that really cute shirt you saw in the store yesterday that shows to much cleavage or that really nice skirt that shows off most of your legs is, most likely, not the best choice, but if you take your time and look around the store you can find other cute tops or skirts that are modest and still cute or what you are looking for. If that store carries clothes that aren’t appropriate then don’t go back to that store. I have had to do that before. It’s not fun because the clothes are SO cute but if they aren’t honoring to God then don’t go there anymore. Avoid the temptation altogether by not shopping there anymore as much as you want to.
Now I know this is not what you are expecting to hear me say next but… I shop at Value Village. You probably just fainted like most of the people I know but let me tell you Value Village is not an old people store. (Half of my wardrobe is Value Village or Hand me downs). Example. You know those jeans that were $100 dollars at the store yesterday? Yup. I found a $100 pair of jeans at Value Village for $20 (sadly they didn’t fit) so get together some outfit Ideas and make a stop there. But before you go shopping, whether it be Value Village or the Mall, let’s set out some guidelines (now we finally get to them :P ) to take with us when we go shopping for clothes that will make you happy because you got what you wanted and you also got a modest outfit. YAY!

1.       Bring someone shopping with you.

This AMAZING man is my daddy. When I go shopping I will take him with me or if I buy something while he is at work I will wait to take off the tags until he sees it and approves. I would highly suggest taking a family member, whose opinion you trust, shopping with you. Whether it is your mom, dad or grandparents. I take my dad with me or get his consent because he knows what’s appropriate or not and I listen to him. Maybe I really wanted that dress or skirt but I need to honor what my father says. Besides I don’t want to be drawing attention to myself (especially in the wrong ways) Do you?

2.       What is too short or too low?
Here are a few tests I keep in mind when I go shopping.
(These tests I am about to show you are from the book called ‘Secret Keeper Girl’ by Dannah Gresh that I went through years ago with my mom)

Test 1. How short is too short?
Get in front of a full length mirror. If you are in shorts, sit Indian style. If you are in a skirt sit in a chair with your legs crossed. Now, what do you see in the mirror? If you see underwear or lots of thigh your skirt or shorts are too short.

Please keep in mind that you just need to think about this when you go shopping. I am not telling you to go to the store and test this in front of those full length mirrors in the dressing room. I won’t go through ALL the test but I will give you 1 more.

Test 2. Is my shirt too low?
Lean forward a little bit. Can you see too much of your chest or even (with a shirt I had) when you bend over you could see my stomach the shirt was too loose? ( so watch for shirts that are to baggy or loose as well) If any of that happens your shirt is too low. Layering is a good solution just go buy a camisole and layer it up!

So those are a few things I keep in mind when shopping for clothes and only a few of my guidelines. I hope you enjoyed this post and it was helpful.



  1. I'm gonna be shopping for vacation, so I'll definitely use these tips!

  2. Awesome post, Adriana. I always bring my mother and (most of the time) my grandmother along to help me shop.

  3. I love how you make sure what you're wearing is okay with your dad. :D This is something a lot of girls wouldn't have the guts to do., in today's culture.
    Great post!

  4. Oh! I did that study! Secret keepers!

    1. And, I usually take at least one of my sisters or my Mother clothes shopping.

  5. My mother is my resident clothes shopper buddy. :P It's so nice that you go with your dad! Good post!