Monday, February 25, 2013

Plaid Fun {ClassyGarb}

  Hello all! Sorry for taking so long to get this to you. It has been a very busy day here with cleaning. Today, since I wrote a more serious post last week, I decided to share one of my favorite outfits, and maybe give you guys some clothes ideas of your own.

  I love this outfit. I have a serious obsession with brown. Some people dislike the color, but I love it in clothing. And plaid is a great fabric as well. My brother didn't get as detailed a shot of the top as I would have liked, so bear with me. :) Also, adding a jacket to anything just makes the look so much better. This outfit would work just as well without the jacket- it has capped sleeves, and I add a brown shirt underneath, but I really love the jacket look.
Brown and plaid.
From the back.

Close up on the skirt- the bottom has pretty lace ruffles.

A close up on the boots (which I love) and the tights, which I like as well.

This outfit had so many great shades of brown and bluish green, that you could do many combinations. I also have a brown one exactly like this one without blue, which I also love.

   Dress - Jane Ashley, casual lifestyle. (I found it at my favorite clothing store- Hamrick's.)
   Jacket - Emma James. (Mom found it at Good Will. Don't you love thrift stores?)
   Boots - Easy Street. (Found them at Peebles.)
 You can find the tights at Wal-Mart, and a brown undershirt at a lot of places. :)

 I hope you enjoyed this post! What do you think plaid? And brown? 

  God bless!


  1. This is really cute, Bethany! I love the shades of blue combined with the browns.

  2. Me too! Did I mention it was one of my favorite outfits?

  3. I LOVE it, Bethany! :)

    ~Natalie Noel~

  4. My nine year old sister also loves brown. I have to say, I don't know how it can be a favorite color, but the outfit is cool. :D

  5. Thanks Natalie!

    Abri, it isn't really my favorite color, but for some reason, I really love it in outfits. :)