Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello Stripey {ClassyGarb}

Nautical stripes and chevron patterns have become increasingly more popular in womens' fashion. While I am not one to pick up wearing something just because it's "in style", this happens to be one fad I really like.  

I love pairing this skirt with my favorite wedge heels. (ignore the awkward positioning of my fingers. I don't know what led me to place them like that. :P I'm weird.)

(Also ignore my brother's dog, Grizzly, who decided he had to photo bomb.)
 Aren't the azaleas pretty? They're blooming way earlier than they should be due to the warm weather. I thought they'd make a nice background.
What I wore:
Jacket: Xhilaration -  eBay
Shirt:  Denim & Co. - yard sale find
Skirt: Metaphor - Sears
Scarf: ? - Amazon
Shoes: American Eagle - American Eagle online
Hat: ? - Amazon
I didn't actually wear this today. It was for church last Sunday. I just wanted to get the pictures while I was still wearing this, to save a little time.
What do you think of the stripey-fad? Yay or nay?
-Psalm 139:14-


  1. That is an adorable outfit! I love, love, love that skirt! :D

  2. I like this outfit! Very cute and modest. I say Yay to stripey. :)

  3. I LOVE the skirt! I've been wanting one like that for a while now. So, Yay to stripey!

  4. On me personally I wouldn't wear the hat, but it looked GREAT on you :) I loved the outfit. What I've seen of this sight so far I have loved. I'll be back often.

    ~Natalie Noel~

    1. Aw, thanks! And I'm so glad you decided to drop in and check out the blog!

    2. Your welcome!!

      ~Natalie Noel~