Friday, July 5, 2013

CoverUms {review}

Hey!  So, today I'm doing a review of CoverUms!  You might not have heard of these.  Let me show you some pictures.


Yeeeeeeah, it's hard to tell what they are from that pic. A CoverUm is something you wear underneath dresses or shirts that have necklines that go too low.  We all have problems with finding the perfect clothes, and then finding out the necklines are too low.  An easy fix, just wear a camisole under it, right?  Well, when it's really warm out it's not much fun to wear a lot of layers.  With CoverUms they only cover your chest, so it you don't get too hot.

It's sort of like a big bib.  Well, it looks like that when you lay it down, but here's a picture of it when you're wearing it.

I pulled the sleeve away a little so you could see the snap.  It snaps right onto your bra straps and looks like the shape of whatever shape the neckline is.

There's a picture that illustrates how it clips onto the bra strap.  It's so simple!

The sleeves on this dress I was wearing kept on sliding off my shoulders, but that's not something a camisole could fix, either.  I put that shrug on over it to keep it from showing anything.

At first I thought the CoverUm would keep coming up out of my dress, but it stayed when I put it on.  The fabric of the dress must have been enough to keep it down.

Best of all, CoverUms gave all A Pinch of Classy readers a 20% off code: TWENTY

If you want to buy a CoverUm you can order it here.  I would definitely suggest this item.  I might buy another one when these wear out.  I hope you liked the post!


  1. I have something that's pretty much the same. It's called Cami Secret. There's plain fabric with lace trim on the top, and they come in sets of three different colors. I have two of the basic packs, which come with black, white, and beige.

    1. Cool* I'd never actually heard of these until I found them on Etsy. I hope you like them!