Saturday, July 20, 2013

SarahLMeyers {review}

Hey, everyone!  So, today I'm reviewing an awesome camo skirt from a shop called SarahLMeyers.  This shop is awesome.  I found it and knew I wanted to review it.

Isn't it awesome?  It's a camo skirt!  How could it not be awesome?  Anyway, that's how it looks when it's resting on my hips: just down to my ankles.

And when I pull it higher, it goes a little more than halfway down my calves.  I like wearing skirts like that, but maybe you don't.

Anyway, what is most awesome about this skirt is that it's custom made!  You just tell her what size you want and what length.  Or you can give her your measurements for it to be a more exact fit.  She'll make it specially for you!  She does that with all her skirts.

The fabric is a medium weight stretchy material that is very soft and flowy but not transparent.  One of the best things about it.  It's so light, but you can't see through it.

This camo is awesome.  I mean, I can't say that enough.  I love this new skirt, and I might go back and get another one when this is too small or worn out.

She has custom skirts and clothes for both fall and summer this year.  If you want to go and check out her shop, you can find it here.  If you order one of these, I'm pretty sure you won't regret it.

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