Monday, July 22, 2013

What Makes You Think You're Modest?

 Hey girls! I've been gone for a really longgg time. I now offer my deepest apologies. :) I have some product reviews to do, but they aren't quite ready yet.
 So today I'm going to talk a little bit on What Makes You Think You're Modest? Ooh.

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 No matter how you dress, there will always be someone who dresses "more modest" then you do.
You might wear short sleeves and pants, but someone else might only wear long sleeved dresses. So you may often run into the question from people who might be offended by your stand, or just curious.

 I have a pretty fun story. I just got home from my church's camp a few days ago. (I'll be going to another pretty soon.) Anyway, I have a modest swimsuit. It's called a culotte swimmer, and is rather like a wetsuit, with some water safe light fabric over top. It has sleeves, and culotte legs which are like a skirt almost with the space for your legs, but they are closed off. (I'll have to post some pics next week or something. ) Anyway, our camp has the rule that you have to be covered on your way to the pool for girl's swim time. I was working as an assistant cabin leader for the little girls. So they were all pulling on T-shirts, and wrapping towels around their waist, and I was just wearing my swimsuit, casually hanging my towel over my arm. I had made myself expect to receive a few weird stares, and questions. But the little girls were the sweetest. They did ask me about my swimsuit. I explained that I liked to have a more modest bathing suit because, not only did I swim with girls at camp, but sometimes I visit the beach with my brother-in-law's family, which includes several boys. So I didn't see the point in having a bathing suit I could only wear once a year, and have to wear T-shirts and culottes at the beach. To my surprise, the little girls were actually impressed and... jealous! "You're so lucky," one said. "You don't have to wear anything over your bathing suit!" Because of the nature of my bathing suit I didn't cover up like the girls because it wasn't necessary. :)

 But not everyone is like an eight or eleven year old girl. There will be those who might not dress the way you did who feel offended because they think you're saying they aren't modest. This will spark the question, "What makes you think you're modest?"

 I always try to avoid offending anyone. Just because I may dress a certain way, and everything because of a personal decision I've made between God and myself, doesn't mean I'm constantly judging others. Even if I don't approve of what someone is wearing, I'm not going to point it out to them because I know this will only hurt their feelings or offend them, and then I'll never be able to reach them.

 But if you do come into contact with someone who instantly judges you for dressing more "modestly" then them, just explain that you are trying to follow what the Bible says about modesty, and follow God the best you can. Don't say anything that would provide another area of attack for your jilted friend/acquaintance.

 Just pray about it to the Lord, and He will help you when dealing with the "What makes you think you're modest?" people. :)

 God bless, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. I try to dress in a way that I wouldn't be ashamed to enter a Catholic church in. In a Catholic church, Christ is physically present up on the altar. Thus, I have changed over to just wearing skirts and dresses (at least knee length) and I usually wear sleeves and if I am wearing something sleeveless, I often make sure I have a sweater handy in case I do need to stop into a Church for some reason. My modest swimsuit actually looks like a summer dress! :) I got it from :) God bless!

  2. Great post, Bethany! :)