Saturday, July 27, 2013

BrownSugarShop {review}

Hello, everyone!  Today I'm reviewing a face cleanse from a shop called BrownSugarShop.

I'm one of those weird people that always notices how things are packaged.  What kind of tissue paper they used; envelope, manila envelope, or box; maybe bubble wrap of packing peanuts.  This item was wrapped in really pretty sparkly tissue paper, inside a bubble wrap lined manila envelope.  Very well packaged.

This is the bottle.  The words just wouldn't show up with the camera I was using.

Here's the picture they used.  Easier to see, right?  Yeeeah.  I'm not a photographer.

Cleansing Grains can be used instead of soap to cleanse skin or as a mild scrub or exfoliant. These can be used for any skin type and won't scratch the skin. Very gentle and milk, great for sensitive skin.
To use simply pour a little bit into the palm of your hand and add a few drops of water, then gently scrub face in circular motion and rinse off. You could also mix with some Aloe Vera, Oil or Floral Water to make a Mask.

They suggest Aloe Vera, Oil, or Floral Water to make a mask.  I didn't have Aloe Vera or Floral Water, so I decided to try Oil.

That's what it looked like when I mixed it with oil.  I had to keep stirring it, though, because the cleansing grains kept settling to the bottom.

This is how it looked when I put it on.

Just a tip: TIE YOUR HAIR BACK WHEN YOU DO A FACE CLEANSE.  I'm just sayin', I got a lot of oil and grains and clay in my hair.  Something easily avoided.

Then I tried water.  It was very thick, but I put a lot of cleansing grains in.  You can make it thick or thin depending on how much of each you put in.

The water mix.  I like this more than the oil.  It was thicker, and I got less to cover more of my face.

The cleansing grains were really lumpy when I used them, but I figured out that was the clay.  You can't dissolve the clay.  But I liked it, overall.  I'm really bad at doing face washes, and this feels really nice.  It was rougher than I expected, but not too rough.
BrownSugarShop has many items.  Body sugaring, sugar scrub, body butter (cream), soap, skin care, and hair care.  All their items look amazing.  Really.  I think I want to try buy more of them, because they're amazing.  Please check out BrownSugarShop.  You can find it here.

Sorry I got this posted so late.  Thanks for reading!  May God go with you all!


  1. Do you have before and after pictures?

    1. No, I'm very sorry. I don't. I didn't think to do that.