Saturday, October 26, 2013

LittleMaids {review}

Hey, everyone! Today I'm doing a review of a girls pioneer dress with bonnet and white apron.

The shop I'm reviewing is called LittleMaids. They make many styles of modest old fashioned style clothing for women, girls and babies. The clothes they make are all beautiful. I was so excited when I opened up the box these items came in.

So I started taking them out of the box, and I just got more and more excited. Anyone who likes old fashioned clothes knows what this is like.

There was the bonnet.

And the apron.

And, of course, the dress!

She also added a devotional book called Steps to Christ to the box.

I assume she adds this to every order.

The apron was so perfect. My sister once tried to make me an apron for my birthday, because I love old fashioned clothes. It wasn't very sturdy, but I loved her for it, and this just reminded me of that.

See? Isn't it amazing?

And the bonnet also brought back memories. All the girls in my family once sewed a whole bunch of bonnets, just for fun. They didn't look as much like this bonnet, because it didn't have the larger part in the back, but I can't help remembering things like that.

Sorry, my picture didn't come out very well.

Now, the dress. This is my favorite part of the outfit, even if it doesn't remind me of anything.

The shoulders are so nice, how they have just a little poof there, and the buttons on the wrist.

They're so elegant, right?

Altogether this outfit was amazing, and I would suggest everyone should order from LittleMaids.

If you would like to order something, you can find it here. Thanks for reading! I hope you guys liked the post!


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