Friday, October 11, 2013

Praying for Your Future Husband {Part-1}

So today I want to talk about prayer, and specifically I want to talk about praying for your future husband. Over the past few years the concept has followed me, but I never really thought much about it. My mom's always said she prays God will bring me the right man. My grandmother has said the same thing. Countless people at churches have even made comments along the lines of, "we pray God brings a good Christian man into your life."  However, I had never personally considered praying for my future husband until a few months back.  

It all started when I began reading a stack of christian books for reviews. Most of the books focused on modesty, serving God as a young woman, and courtship. One thing I found in all three categories was this concept of praying for your future husband. Yes, you, me, single girls and women praying for our future husbands. Not your parents, grandparents, or other christian leaders. Of course having their support through prayer is a huge blessing and certainly not something to be over looked, but if you don't take part in those prayers then you're missing out on a whole different type of blessing.

Now first off, these books defined something. They defined the difference between praying for A future husband and praying for YOUR future husband. Trust me, there's a huge difference. Praying for a future husband is basically asking God to show you who He wants you to spend the rest of your life with. Whereas praying for your future husband is a lot more personal. This type of prayer is focused directly on your husband. Its not a prayer to find him, but a prayer for him.

Okay, I'll admit it. When I first read 'pray for him' my mind was boggled. How on earth can I pray for someone I don't even know yet? Why should I pray for him, I don't know anything about him? But those questions were putting a limit on God's power, not to mention putting the spotlight on my feeble faith. That's when I decided this was something I needed to do. My sin nature (or at least the questioning part) was trying to pull me away from something. I wanted to know what that something was.

So there I was ready to start praying for my future husband, but there was still a big issue. What should I pray for him? Since we don't know each other how can I know what he's struggling with or what he needs? Silly me. Sometimes we can be so blind can't we? The answer was right there in the books and in the scriptures. Modesty is a very big issue in this modern world. Every single one of us struggle with it, boys and girls alike. There was an answer! I could pray that God would help to keep my future husband pure, and not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. How about serving God? The top qualification for my future husband is he must be a born again believer. However, one can be a christian and not serve God. That's not something I want in a husband. I want a strong leader, one that will lead a household both physically and spiritually. There was something else I could pray for!  This was a prayer that God will lead my future husband and help him to grown into a servant of God. But what about courtship? How does that affect my future husband? Admittedly this one took a lot of searching, until I realized that courtship was a conviction laid upon my parent's heart through scripture. I want my future husband to be a man of God's Word. I could pray that my future husband will treasure God's word and not just read it on Sundays. I pray that he will diligently read the word of God and turn to it for guidance. 

It turns out that I was off to a pretty good start. Since then new doors and new prayers have been opened up to me, some of which I hope to share with you in part two of 'Praying for Your Future Husband'. Until then I want to end this post by encouraging you to pray for your own future husband. Not only has it strengthened my relationship with God, but it's also laid down a firm foundation for a relationship later on in life. After all shouldn't the most beautiful relationship be one centered and focused around God? If a relationship that hasn't even formed yet is already so focused on God then I think something very beautiful will become of it. Now my only prayer is that young men of God are praying for their own future wives. I think it can safely be said that we are all in need of those prayers.


  1. Awesome Post Sierra, and I have prayed for my future wife before, sometimes I get senses in my spirit to do so, I wonder if she needs help in those moments?

    1. Thanks so much! Its made my day knowing there are guys out there who have prayed for their future wife. Sometimes I get that same sense to pray as well, so I've often wondered the same thing.