Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Maryland City Chic {ClassyGarb}

Hey ladies!
I'm sorry I didn't post last week. We were just leaving on a trip up north for an event of my dad's, and I got caught up packing and doing other stuff in prep for the trip. (we got back home today!)
Anyhoo. I had reviews planned for today but it got too late to get pictures or anything so I decided to do a last minute outfit post composed of some photos from the trip which Mom got of me last Thursday afternoon.

I was getting ready to go downstairs (these pictures were taken on our hotel room balcony) to help with the conference registrations/attendee check-ins and other such things as I always do.

I really like this outfit. You can't tell on the shirt (the scarf is blocking it) but there's this really beautiful beaded collar/bib in the front, with little beaded/sequin feather patterns on it. I love feathers so naturally I loved this element! The scarf is probably my favorite scarf right now. It matches with everything!

Top: Coldwater Creek
Skirt: Coldwater Creek
Wedges: American Eagle
Scarf: c/o of  S & A Scarves
Hoops: c/o of Maya & Ruhi
And...just for the fun of it, I'm also including some pictures which I really like right now, also taken up in ze north...in front of our hotel door, actually. xP
(Will was standing on his tip toes evidently, here)
Yep, this be mah bros and moi. Aren't the boys darling?
Well. Anyhoo, got to go - need to run, one thing I haven't been able to do while traveling.
Hope everyone is having a blessed week and month so far! I can't believe it's October now!!

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