Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One More Jewelry/Accessory Haul!

Hey ladies! Today I've got a bunch of neat product reviews for y'all.
First we have an ADORABLE necklace from Frida & Marilyn .
This necklace was created using recycled and vintage materials. I really like that factor.
It is really very much my style, the retro look. Plus, I appreciate resourcefulness.

This is a beautiful piece. I adore it. It's been a main accessory in my outfits lately ever since it arrived in the mail.

And, of course, the packaging was adorbs.


I haven't worn many loooong necklaces like this before, but this sort matches with most anything and as I said before I just loved it as soon as I laid eyes on it. It's so me!
It's so unique. Even the chain suspending the pendant is beautifully original.

Overall, I have NO complaints and I absolutely love Leyla's (the shop owner) work! You should definitely check out her shop.
Next up, another adorrrrable piece of jewelry - a pair of earrings from Miss Frosting.
First of all, the packaging! Once again, just too cute not to get a picture of.

I just love these earrings. To me they have a semi-retro look. Very classy and elegant. I love wearing them!

They're very lightweight and I forget I even have them on, sometimes!

The length is perfect. Not too long, but not too short either.

Overall, I give these earrings two thumbs up! They're super stylish and cute, and I've enjoyed wearing them all over the place. They're already a stable in my wardrobe!
(Go check out the Miss Frosting store right now!!)
And here we have a lovely hat from SavannahWillow.
I know the pictures aren't very good. But I still love wearing this hat nonetheless. I've always liked hats, anyway. Something about them is just so incredibly classy.

Hats can spruce up just about any outfit. It's a shame that many women don't wear them anymore like they used to.

Anyhow, I really like this hat. It's black, so it matches with everything, and black is inherently classy in my opinion, anyway.

(Excuse my goofy posing. I'm not very photogenic...haha.)
Anyhoo, Savannah Willow has a number of other vintage items similar to this hat. You should take a look!
Now. I  know this particular review is long-overdue, especially considering that I was sent this pair of boots several months ago.
They're from Bete Noire Vintage . I think they are simply adorable, but the problem? My feet are, as always, too big. >_<

I will give them to a friend with smaller feet. But it was disappointing because these are just so unique and I would certainly have worn them if I could've.

Well, that wraps up today'spost!
Hope all you lovely people enjoyed!


  1. I always love your hauls!

  2. These are all so beautiful! I especially love the necklace!