Thursday, June 27, 2013

1247 Periwinkle Lane {Product Review}

*History lesson. If any of it is wrong, feel free to correct me*

Masquerade balls started around the 15th century at carnivals in Europe, and they continue to be a big hit to this very day.

These balls were the highlight of the carnival. There was just something about the mystery of who was behind the mask that lured people to them. You could know the person, they could be your best friend or family. But you wouldn't know if they were or not. The masks didn't leave much room to see anything but the eyes and nose and lower face. And sometimes they didn't even leave the lower face.

But masks were meant to be pretty. To draw attention. To add a light of mystery. After all, that's what humans like best, isn't it? Mystery. It adds a certain allure to any situation.

So, I was thrilled when I found a person willing to let me review a mask. I love anything that comes from an old and elegant background. I love the historical backstories. And even though I will never go to a Masquerade anything, I still think it'd be fun to have around, right?

This is the Fairy Eyes Mask. It's very elegant and pretty. A bit rough near the eyes, but if you adjust it just right, you don't feel anything itchy.
I wasn't able to get a very good shot of it. I had siblings running around me, asking me why I was wearing "a cat mask." They kept bumping into me, knocking the mask lower and lower. Plus, the lighting stunk, so shadows kept falling on my eyes, making it look weird.

It's very light. And elegant. It's the real thing. No plastic or cheap materials. It's lace and ribbon. Glued together.

It's tied with a ribbon at the back of your head. Though some people use what the shop owner called "spirit gum" to keep the mask attached.

The shop owner has sold masks all over the world. They've been in operas, ballets, plays, etc. They're really pretty, and not very expensive at all!

You can see more of her masks HERE. They're all gorgeous. Go check them out!

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