Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lovell Dennis {Product Review}

Just a warning, these pictures are awful. I tried. But it's really, really hard to take pictures of yourself wearing a t-shirt. A no one wanted to help me, so I had no other choice but to try it myself.

This is the Hunger Games/Catching Fire t-shirt from Lovell Dennis on Etsy. I received it in the mail a week ago. It's light and fits well enough. The fabric is a bit rough, but it hasn't been broken in yet. After a wash or two, it should soften a bit.

You can't see the shirt very well, and I'm sorry for that. You can see what it says "Mellark Bakery. Since 2086. District 12." Of course, they made up the date. But it's close enough, I suppose.

It's pretty comfortable. I ordered a size small. It's unisex, so it's a bit baggy on me. And the sleeves are pretty big. They reach just a few inches past the shoulder.

It's a really cool shirt. I enjoy wearing it.

The back is plain. No words or pictures. I mean, you wouldn't exactly want to wear a picture of bread or cupcakes on your back, would you? If that's your thing, though . . .
100% cotton, ect ect. I didn't read the washing instructions because I don't know how to read those. Pretty sure you have to study a whole new language to figure that out. Like Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Overall, it's a great t-shirt.

You can find it HERE.


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