Tuesday, June 4, 2013

AvantHeart {A Product Review}

 Sorry, I'm a bit late. I was supposed to post yesterday, but I suppose I have a pretty good excuse. *crickets* So... today I'm going to review a lovely Rockabilly headwrap sent to me by AvantHeart Etsy shop!

  This is only about half the length. It's nice and long.

Detail, sewn side.

This is the headwrap with it's normal width. I tied the ends under my hair.

And this is the headwrap folded in half. I liked this better. It made it more the width of a normal headband, and I just think it generally looks a bit better.


Last one of this style. Don't know what's up with the pose. 

You can also tie it like this, though it sort of reminds me of a strange bunny!

Or you could change the bunny ears to a bow. 

And, surprise! It actually makes a cute scarf as well!

So now that I've barraged you with a bunch of photos, onto the review! I really like this headwrap. It's versatile, and I feel like you could do all kinds of different styles with it, besides the five I've tried out. It's sturdy, and well made. It's also very cute. I love the pattern. The owner of AvantHeart was very kind to let me choose a headwrap to review, and I narrowed it down to this one, though there were several others I could have chosen that are very cute.

 The only thing I didn't really care for was the thickness of the headwrap, but that's just a personal thing, and solved easily by folding it over. 

 I recommend checking out AvantHeart's headwrap section! As in just about any place you shop, I don't endorse and recommend some things, so use wisdom when shopping. But most of these headwraps are just adorable. They're only $7.00, and seeing as how hair accessories in a store can be that or higher, I'd say this is a great price for all you can do with them. They'd make great gifts or are nice just for your personal use.

 Next time I look for a headwrap, AvantHeart will be at the top of my list. 

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Bethany

I was sent this headwrap for free from AvantHeart. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. That's a cute headwrap! I've been wanting one of those, but I may try to sew one myself. :)

    1. It probably wouldn't be too hard. Wish I could sew well!

  2. So cute - both you, and the headwrap. ^_^

  3. I just got the time to check this out... thank you! Maybe I will think about making a thinner option. Thank you for that feedback! We make jewelry here at Avant Heart too and have only once had an item reported as broken in the 3 years we have been in business! I tried to send off a pair of earrings on you as well but were told you don't wear them! :( But that's ok :) Thank you again for this review!

    1. It was no problem, and truly a pleasure to do this review! Thank you for the consideration with the earrings as well. :)