Thursday, June 6, 2013

Benito Dreams {Product Review}

I am very excited about this review. I just received this in the mail a day or two ago, and I wasn't disappointed when I opened it.

At first, I noticed it came from a different country. I was a little scared, at first, because I don't know many people outside of the US. And people who write in French/Italian (not sure which one because I'm stupid) are even rarer.

So, I figured someone from one of those countries hated me and had sent me a poisoned letter or something. And then I remembered that I get review items in the mail. So, I opened it.

I couldn't remember which review this was until I opened the pretty little boxes that are so feminine and cute I could die.

Lace socks/footies/I don't know what you really call them. They're charming and adorable and so much fun to wear.

Low-cut and pretty. They feel like they're made from angel hair, dandelion fluff, and classy happiness. I have always hated socks. I would lose them on purpose. I'd refuse to wear them. I'd throw them anywhere and everywhere because I hated them and the very cotton fibers they were made from.

But these are different. These are perfect. They're pretty and soft and they slide around on hardware floors so easily. I've never had so much fun sliding around floors before.

These footlets are like insta-class. They are too pretty, and just too much fun. All of the footlets are handmade. I'm not sure if that means the lace is handmade as well, but it is a European country, and I read that they make handmade lace.

You can order your own footlets HERE. Or you can see if she has any other footlets that you might like. There are a lot. You can see her shop HERE. Her stuff isn't expensive at all. Most are less than ten dollars (some including shipping, and others not including shipping).

So go check it out! These are the best quality and prettiest that I've ever seen.


  1. Katelyn, m'love you are hilarious. But seriously. I would think the same (that they'd sent me a poisoned letter). Then I'd gush over the stamps....but ANYHOW. These are adorable. I need a pair. They're soooo cute.

    1. I forgot about the stamp. O_O It was pretty . . . but I didn't think about anything but what was inside. I need to find the packaging now. And YES. Everyone needs a pair.