Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bible Study


I was planning on doing a review today, but it didn't get to me in time.  So I'm going to write about Bible studies.

A couple days ago I was talking to my sister, and we got to talking about 1 John.  I think it came up because we were talking about love, and John is all about love, in all of his books.  Anyway, she asked me if I would go and study 1 John, take notes and show them to her.  She wanted to know what I would find in it.  I didn't really want to study first John, because I don't really care for all the love.  But then I read it.  I found out it talks about so much more than love.

Here's what I think about Bible studying.  Whenever I know I need to go have a Bible study I don't really want to.  It usually isn't until I sit down that I wish I had started a long time before, so I would have more time to study.

Everyone has a different schedule for studying the Bible.  Some do a study in the morning, some in the evening, or at a break in the day.  Everyone studies different amounts, also.  Everyone has their own way of studying.

Bible studies are very important to help a Christian grow in Christ.  If you have a Bible: use it.  Why would you let your Bible grow dust on the shelf - maybe taking it to church once a week - when others don't have a Bible at all.

The Bible is Gods word, so he speaks to people through it.  A lot of people sometimes just give up on listening to God, when they haven't heard him for a long time.  What I would suggest to those people is to do a Bible study, and look closely for what God might be saying to you.

Well, that's all I have to say.  I hope you guys liked the post!


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