Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Got Acne? This Product May Help! {review}

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Zits. Pimples. Acne.
Any way you look at it, or however you call them, I'm sure a number of y'all have been irked with acne at some point in your life.
It's a pain to adult women and adolescent girls alike, and something we'd all love to abolish if we could.
Personally, I've had to deal with zits since about age 13 or so. I'm thankful that it's never been terribly bad, but at the same time I just can't seem to ever rid myself of the annoying red blemishes!
I've tried scores of different treatments, from the natural sort to the not-so-natural. Everything from the harsh, chemical-laden Noxzema, to oatmeal and adzuki bean scrubs.
Naturally, I was pretty interested to see how the acne facial wash from LuvURCoconuts would work out. I was sent a bottle of the homemade skin formula, and have been using it for several weeks now.

I wasn't sure how to use this wash, in the beginning, as it didn't exactly come with any sort of instructions on application. However, after inquiring about it to LuvURCoconuts' shop owner, I found that it could be used either in the shower or separate at the sink.

I attempted both methods. First the "at-the-sink" way, which personally didn't work that great for me. It was too oily for my preference there, and took too long to wash off.
 I then tried it in the shower - this is how I've been using it, ever since. It works quite nicely there, and I have no problem with it being overly-oily or hard to scrub off - perhaps it has something to do with all the steam and hot water involved.
Anyways. I'm not sure how it's affecting my actual pimples, but it is a nice facial wash for just cleansing the facial pores and all. It brings a rejuvenating, fresh sensation when lathered and applied.
As I said previously, I've been using it for several weeks and it looks like it's going to last me a while, which is nice to know. I only use a small amount, maybe a teaspoon, each time I apply.
The best part about this wash? The ingredients are completely natural. I can rest assured that I'm not dumping tons of junk and chemicals on my skin!
If you'd like to try some of this facial wash, check out the LuvURCoconuts shop for yourself!
Note: I was provided this item from LuvURCoconuts in exchange for my honest review. All opinions remain mine and mine alone.

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